The CHARTER Study accomplishes its Scientific Aims with direction from a Coordinating Center at the University of California, Diego and six national research sites.




CLINICAL COMPONENTS (click core name for more information)

  • Neuromedical Component PI: Ron Ellis, MD, PhD
    The Neuromedical Component is responsible for characterizing participants clinically (neurological diagnoses, antiretroviral treatments), collecting samples including cerebrospinal fluid, and stages participants with respect to the 1993 CDC HIV disease classification system.
  • Neurobehavioral Component PI: Robert Heaton, PhD
    The Neurobehavioral Component provides characterization of neurocognitive deficits and their functional impact in HIV-infected persons in the era of HAART.
  • Neuroimaging Component PI: Christine Fennema-Notestine, PhD
    The Neuroimaging Component coordinates image analysis and hypothesis testing focused on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) indicators of brain injury secondary to HIV, and the effects of antiretroviral (ARV) treatments.
  • Laboratory & Virology Component CoIs: Scott Letendre, MD; Davey M. Smith, MD
    The Laboratory & Virology Component is responsible for the processing and storage of all biological samples obtained during course of the study along with the provision genotypic resistance data for paired CSF and blood samples.

Sponsored by NIH/NIMH/NINDS HHSN271201000036C & HHSN271201000030C

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